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Gone are the days when one would slave on presentation software, wrestle over layouts, and hunt endlessly for royalty-free images. AI has entered the game of presentations, opening up a whole new way to easily and effectively create stunning and informative PPTs.

The blog post is about the universe of free AI PPT makers and top contenders and how they change your process of creating presentations.

Why Use AI PPT Maker?

Here are a few reasons to ditch the traditional method and embrace AI in your next presentation:

Save Time: AI takes over laborious tasks on your behalf, such as content generation, layout design, and image selection. That way, you will have more time to focus on your work in terms of perfecting your message and improving your presentation.

Boost Creativity: AI will help boost your creativity when stuck in a rut by providing one-of-a-kind layout suggestions, color schemes, or visual elements you haven’t considered yet.

Enhanced Clarity: AI can structure the content in the right manner such that the flow will be presented in the right manner, thus clear. It ensures that the message you are trying to pass across will be clear and resonate with the readers.

Make It Consistent: AI will use your brand guidelines in your presentation to ensure a professional and consistent look.

Top Free AI PPT Creator options

There are several free AI PPT makers, each with their strengths and functionalities. Here’s an overview of the best of the bunch:

1. Visme AI Presentation Maker

Strengths: It has an easy-to-navigate interface and a list of features that almost covers everything regarding AI, including presentation, images, and writing aid.

Free Features: Help you create basic presentations with not many options for customization. You can utilize some free stock photos and icons.

Downsides: The free plan is subjected to limited export options and watermarks on presentations. Upgrading the product unlocks advanced features and customization.

2. AI Powered Simplified Presentation Maker

Strength: Incredibly fast and easy to use. Just input your topic, and within seconds the AI generates a full presentation with content and design.

Free Plan: A number of free presentations are offered each month, but many basic design features are unavailable.

Cons: Limited extent of customization and control over the created content. Presentations created for free typically do not have other advanced features, such as animations or transitions.

How to Use Midjourney to Create AI-Generated Images

3. (Free Trial

Strengths: Beautiful, intuitive interface; great for design aesthetics. Image quality is amazing in the presentations it outputs.

Free Features: Provides a free trial with restricted access to some of the templates and basic editing tools only. Not many export options are available within the free plan.

Cons: Free features are very limited as full functionality and customization can be unlocked in Upgraded mode.

4. Nightcafe Creator (AI Art Generation):

Strengths: It’s not really a PPT creator, but Nightcafe Creator uses AI that creates some of the most unique and creative visuals that will surely make the presentations vibrant.

Free Features: Free credits provided with limitation on image generation.

Cons: Needs integration with separate presentation software such as PowerPoint or Google Slides. Focuses on image creation only, not on complete presentation generation.

5.べりーべんちゅら (Berryventure) – Japanese Only:

Strengths: This AI presentation maker in Japanese is easy to use and provides fundamental presentation functionalities.

Free Features: Has basic free features that come with low ability to create and edit presentations.

Cons: Language barrier – interface and support are in Japanese. May not be suitable for non-Japanese speakers.

Choosing The Right AI PPT Maker FOR YOU

The best free AI PPT maker for you will depend on your specific needs and priorities. Here are some factors to consider:

Easy to Use: Look for user-friendly tools with an intuitive interface if you are a beginner.

Customization Level: Think about the amount of control you want over the generated content and design.

Visual Style: Choose a tool according to the type of presentation aesthetics you wish to use.

Export options: Make sure the tool has support for exporting the presentation in the format that you require, e.g. PPTX, PDF.

How to Use a Free AI PPT Maker Effectively

Begin with a Strong Outline: Even with AI assistance, a clear content outline is crucial for a well-structured presentation.

Review and Refine: It is important to review your AI-generated content to ensure it will be accurate and fit your specific message.

Add Your Brand: Remember to keep your brand consistent by including brand colors, fonts, and logos in the presentation.

Just Make Sure to Practice: Rehearse your delivery in advance so that you confidently own the presentation.

Which AI can make PPT for free?

Many AI tools can generate PPTs for free, with different limitations:

Visme AI Presentation Maker: Offers some creation and editing services for presentations on a basic level; there isn’t much in terms of customization in the free plan.

Make a full presentation with content and design in a few seconds, although the free versions have certain restrictions on personalization and also on the number of presentations one can make in a month.

べりーべんちゅら (Berryventure) * Japanese * Basic Features: Free for creating presentations. But it works only in Japanese.

Can ChatGPT make PowerPoint slides?

ChatGPT is not mentioned in the specific article, neither was it designed to create PPTs directly. Nevertheless, it may give a bit of a hand in providing the content for your presentations.

How do I make a PPT on artificial intelligence?

The article does not provide a step-by-step guide, but gives some useful pointers:

Content Outline Start with a clear outline to structure your presentation on Artificial Intelligence.

AI PPT Maker: Consider using one of the above-mentioned free AI PPT makers to get a head start with visuals and content suggestions related to AI.

Refine and Integrate: Edit and revise AI-Generated content, as appropriate, for accuracy and your own insight into AI.

Endow with a human-like characteristic to AI.

Remember, the AI tools can really be a great stepping stone, but your creativity and expertise bring a lot of value when it comes to making a great presentation.


 Free AI PPT makers are a game-changer for anyone making a presentation. This tool enables one to save time, come up with visual representations, and make effective presentations that resonate and have an impact on the audience. But remember, AI is only your assistant; it doesn’t replace your creative ability.

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